Planning the garden

Last year was my first year with the large garden beds.  It went really well and I learned a lot!  I used the book Square Foot Gardening as a resource for planning out my beds.  It worked pretty well but this year I am definitely going to be tweaking my plans a bit.  Here are my plans from last year.  They are a bit dirty but that’s because I had them out in the garden with me while I was planting.


I planted this bed just how I planned.  This bed is being changed quite a bit this year, this was the bed that was kind of  a fail last year.  What I plan to do differently;

1. I will probably never grow tomatillos again.  They get huge!!!  I would really have to have a dedicated space for them because they took over my 4’x8′ bed.  My onions and peppers pretty much did nothing because the tomatillo grew right over them.

2. The squash needed more room.  I was pretty sure that it would but the book told me different so I went with it.  This year I have a whole bed just for squash and zuc.

3. Placement; the cucumbers did really well and grew on my fence which I wanted them to do but they were really hard to get to.  This year I will be planting smaller plants in front of my cucumbers so I can more easily harvest the veggies.


This bed did really well, for the most part I was really happy with the way things turned out here.  I will be making a few changes to this and here they are;

1. I am going to do less tomatoes so I can give them more space.

2. I am either going to but way down on the amount of collards or not grow them at all.  We like collards but not enough to grow that much.

3. Probably not going to do pole beans in that location.

The awesome thing about this bed was that we were able to harvest the kale, collards and chard throughout the entire summer and into late fall. It was awesome!


This bed was planted differently than you see here.  I did do a lot of lettuce but I also did a lot of herbs as well.  Here are the changes I am making this year to this bed.

1. I have a whole bed for lettuce this year, so I will have more room for other stuff in this bed.

2.  This bed is going to be mostly herbs and maybe some onions too.  This bed tends to be the mish-mash bed and I am ok with that.

These are the new beds that I have drawn out.  I only have two drawings because two of the beds are the same.


I have two of these beds and they are going to be for zuc and squash only.  I made two of them because I only intend to put two plants in each bed.  Maybe I’ll sneak something else in there too, something small.


This bed is going to be for lettuce and spinach only, maybe some edible flowers too.  The great thing about this new bed is that it is in a morning sun location that gets afternoon shade, I think my lettuce with be happier this year.

Along with these beds I also have veg growing all over my yard.  Each of my children have a small wash tub garden and I have lots of container gardens too.  I mostly grow herbs in the containers but sometimes radishes or beets make an appearance in a container too.

I know that the bulk of this post has been boring pics so here are some pics to brighten things up.  This was my garden from last year.

The tomatillo's playground!

The tomatillo’s playground!

Kale, chard, collards tomatoes.

Kale, chard, collards tomatoes.

Lettuce and herbs

Lettuce and herbs

Lettuce and flowers

More chard and flowers

Herbs and flowers

Herbs and flowers

Anwen and Esu's garden

Anwen and Esu’s garden

Ewan's garden

Ewan’s garden

Some perennials

Some perennials

Looking back at these pics from last year makes me so excited about this new growing season.  I can’t wait to get my hands in the dirt!!!


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