Adoption Timeline

4/5/08– Received processing application in the mail from AAI.
5/12/08– Sent home study application in to Adoption-Link.
5/15/08 Home study application accepted!
5/19/08– Sent processing application to AAI with first payment
5/30/08– Received adoption education packet from AAI.
6/5/08– Sent on our check to Adoption-link.
6/8/08 Adoption-link assigns us a caseworker.
6/14/08– Received first part of dossier in the mail
6/21/08– 1st Home study visit.
7/9/08– Sent I600-A into Immigration
7/11/08 2nd Home study visit.
8/23/08– 3rd and final home study visit!
9/3/08– Mailed in dossier, yeah!!!
9/7/08– Dossier received by AAI, thank you Jesus!!!!
10/8/08– Home Study completed!
10/15/08– Home Study was sent to the state for approval.
11/13/08– Home Study approved by State of Illinois!!
11/18/08– Home Study sent to Immigration for approval.
12/9/08– Received our I-171H Immigration approval in the mail!!!!
12/11/08- Dossier sent to Ethiopia
3/19/09- Received a referral!! (Beautiful Baby Boy!!)
3/23/09- Accepted our referral for Esuyawkal!!!
6/19/09- Put into Group N- We had a long wait to get into a group 3 months, ugh:(
7/22/09– Received our court date!!!  July 31, 2009!
7/31/09– Court date- Passed!!!!
9/23/09– Embassy date!!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Burgess
    Jan 26, 2009 @ 23:10:02

    Congratulations–you’re nearly there. Have you heard anything about wait times being extended for Ethiopian adoptions? We are also adopting from Ethiopia and were recently told that the wait time is now about five months longer than when we began. Do you have a sense how long it will be till you receive a referral? We hope it’s soon and that all goes very well.


  2. ewegrant
    Jan 26, 2009 @ 23:24:22

    Thank you! The wait times for our agency have not really changed, we expect to get a referral sometime this spring. Right now there are a lot of babies in our agencies orphanage due to the famine earlier in the year and so we may get a referral sooner. What has seemed to be changing though perhaps not officially is that it seems that it is taking people longer to get through court. Many of the people that I am reading about are not getting through until their 3rd or 4th time. That can certainly extend the amount of time you wait to get your child. Thanks again and good luck to you!


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