Home study update

We have been in the home study stage of our second adoption since the early spring. It was a lot of paper pulling, copying and phone calls but about two weeks ago that part came to an end!!! Today our case worker told us that she has sent the draft to her supervisor for approval, this is very exciting. After our local agency approval the home study report will be sent to our international agency for them to look over. After they say it all looks good it will go to the ONE woman that approves home studies for all of Illinois. Once she says we are approved then we are golden, and our official home study goes back to our international agency to be made part of the international paperwork.

My hope is that are home study will be approved quickly and we can start on the dossier this summer. I would love to have the dossier done before school starts back up, but of course that is dependent on a lot of things going right.

Fingers crossed and sending up prayers that we make it through the approval in a flash!